Mini Queek #1 – Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4

When Marvel Studios announced their slate of upcoming projects at Comic-Con, we knew we’d need to make our first ever minisode to Queek out about it! We take you one-by-one through the next 3+ years in the MCU, outlining what we know, what we predict, what we want, and how excited we are, on a scale of ‘very’ to ‘unfathomably.’ Then, they finally get around to…nothing else. It’s a MiniQueek!


  1. [00:00] Intro to Phase 4
  2. [01:33] Black Widow
  3. [04:08] The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  4. [05:51] Eternals
  5. [07:33] Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  6. [09:10] WandaVision
  7. [12:06] Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  8. [14:07] Loki
  9. [15:00] What If…?
  10. [16:51] Hawkeye
  11. [18:23] Thor: Love and Thunder
  12. [20:16] The Far Future


CODY: Hello.

BEN: Hi.

CODY: This is “Queeks.”

BEN: It is. I’m Ben.

CODY: I’m Cody.

BEN: That’s the first time I’ve ever started us off with names.

CODY: Because I pointed to you to do it.

BEN: Yes, you literally told me to.

CODY: I wanted to change things up.

BEN: Oh.

CODY: This is a minisode because we had some big news come out over Comic-Con that we want to talk about, but maybe not in a full episode because we’ve done so many full segments on Marvel things.

BEN: I don’t think we’ve done that many.

CODY: We have done quite a few.

BEN: It’s been at least half.

CODY: Which is fine by me, of course.

BEN: There’s a lot going on.

CODY: But just to, you know, get some variety. But we had to talk about this because —

BEN: Lots coming out. So basically, Marvel’s Infinity Saga/Phase Three/just kind of everything they’ve been doing has come to a close with “Avengers: Endgame” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” both of which we’ve talked about in past episodes. But now they’ve announced sort of the next slate of movies to be coming out through the next few years. All of this was announced at Comic-Con through different panels, different news drops.

CODY: I kept thinking they were done announcing things, and then I’d see something else and be like, whoa.

BEN: Which is why this is coming out a little bit after this news has come out, because we kept learning more.

CODY: We wanted to wait and make sure there weren’t any more details trickling out that we were gonna miss.

BEN: I would not be surprised if 20 minutes before this episode drops, Kevin Feige tweets something about, like, and then this other movie too.

CODY: Oh, I’m sure. Or someone else saying something that we missed that is sort of a big deal.

BEN: Oh, for sure, but I think we have a pretty good grasp of the main chunks.

CODY: Yeah, so let’s talk about it.

BEN: Here they are. So first up —

CODY: The next movie.

BEN: You knew it, and I was like, it could be something else. It wasn’t. It’s “Black Widow!”

CODY: Just in production terms, it had to be. It’s filming.

BEN: Yes, that it was the only one in production. Well, I guess others are in production. It was the only one that was already filming.

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: Yeah, so that’s going to come out in May of 2020, I believe. So it’s gonna be a prequel, which I think we all kind of predicted based on the conclusion of “Endgame,” although you were sort of hoping that it might —

CODY: I’m still a little upset that it’s a prequel.

BEN: Yeah. You were kind of hoping that it might explore the Soul Realm.

CODY: Yeah. That was a big ask because that’s very ethereal.

BEN: Although, for all we know, it could be her in the Soul Realm reliving the worst moments of her life.

CODY: Yeah, it could.

BEN: So who knows?

CODY: I’ll still hold out a tiny bit of hope for that just because that would be nice. But I’m still excited to see it, even if it’s a prequel.

BEN: Right, so we’re finally gonna get a chance to see the Budapest instant — instadent!

CODY: The instadent.

BEN: The instadent in Boostapest.

CODY: Yeah, whatever happened there that she mentions with Clint several times.

BEN: Clint, who is Hawkeye.

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: Right, constantly. David Harbour is in this, playing a character named Alexei, who famously was also another character in “Stranger Things” that was kind of connected to his character in “Stranger Things,” so that’s kind of fun.

CODY: He was also in the recent “Hellboy” reboot.

BEN: He was in “Hellboy,” yeah.

CODY: Which was supposedly amazing.

BEN: Really?

CODY: No, apparently everyone hated it.

BEN: Yeah, not well received.

CODY: Rachel Weisz is also in this, fresh off of an Oscar nomination for “The Favourite.”

BEN: Yeah, so that’ll be really good.

CODY: Yeah, and Taskmaster is the villain in this.

BEN: Is that confirmed?

CODY: Yes.

BEN: People were kind of going back and forth.

CODY: Yes, the Taskmaster.

BEN: I’ve also heard that Rachel Weisz is the pick for possibly being kind of switcheroo as Taskmaster.

CODY: Ooh, interesting.

BEN: Because Taskmaster is apparently, from the footage that was seen/concept art, is fully covered, like in a costume where it’s fully obscured. So the theory is that it’s going to be some kind of switcheroo where the character ends up becoming Taskmaster, Taskmaster, whose ability is — god, what is it called? He can see some — it’s like intuitive something, where he sees some kind of physical action happen, and then can replicate it instantly.

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: Which makes him basically impossible to fight because as soon as he sees you do any fighting move, he can now do that. He can throw a shield like Captain America. In the concept art/stills that we saw, he is holding, or she is holding, a shield very similar to Captain America’s shield.

CODY: Yeah, he or she can do, just sort of mimic any sort of combat or actions or anything. That’s cool.

BEN: Yeah, I’m excited.

CODY: I think that’s a great pick for Black Widow.

BEN: Yeah.

CODY: A good match.

BEN: For sure.

CODY: After that, we’re getting our first Disney+ release for the MCU.

BEN: Disney+, the streaming platform that Disney is launching later in 2019 that’s gonna have a lot of originals, including this.

CODY: And different from the other Marvel shows we’ve gotten before because, since this is a very direct platform for them, they are using them to intertwine with the movies more directly.

BEN: Yes.

CODY: So first we’re getting “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” in fall of 2020.

BEN: Very exciting.

CODY: Right. This comes after “Endgame,” picks up right after it, and it’s about the Falcon taking on the mantle of Captain America and teaming up with the Winter Soldier to take on his responsibilities. We also get Daniel Brühl returning as Baron Zemo, who was in “Civil War.”

BEN: Which is awesome.

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: I thought he was really good, and I was kind of bummed that we didn’t get as much of him.

CODY: I’m also realizing that I made a typo in our notes for this.

BEN: Baron Zermo?

CODY: Baron Zermo!


BEN: Which is a great off-brand version or DC villain.

CODY: Yes. So I’m still so happy that they picked Falcon to be the new Cap.

BEN: Yes. I mean, I guess theoretically, every character by now has basically been Captain America. Ditto for Thor.

CODY: Well, and Bucky has been explicitly, too.

BEN: Yeah, but I’m very excited to see that. I know, I think the Falcon has been Captain America for quite some time in the comics.

CODY: Yes, he has.

BEN: So it makes perfect sense, and I’m really excited.

CODY: Mm-hmm.

BEN: It’ll also piss off Nazis, which is always a fun bonus for any media.

CODY: Especially Captain America.

BEN: Yeah, famous Nazi puncher. In fact, that’s why his character was created, was to punch a Nazi.

CODY: True.

BEN: I literally wrote a research paper about that.

CODY: Oh nice.

BEN: Yeah. Anyway, punching Nazis, thumbs up. Next up after that, we have “Eternals,” coming in November of 2020. So this is gonna be Angelina Jolie —

CODY: [angelic singing]

BEN: — who is wonderful, and I guess probably just on retainer by Disney at this point.

CODY: I love Angelina Jolie.

BEN: Because she’s Maleficent.

CODY: True.

BEN: She’s gonna be playing Thena. Thenna? Theena?

CODY: Yeah, it’s sort of, so the Eternals are similar to Thor in that it’s —

BEN: Gods, basically.

CODY: — sort of their basis for Norse mythology on Earth, but they were actually just aliens. These sort of draw mostly from Greek mythology, and then some other stuff, so this is sort of the take on Athena.

BEN: Right. Very cool. We’re also gonna have Richard Madden, who has been in “Game of Thrones” and a bajillion other things, multiple things we’ve covered on this very podcast.

CODY: “Rocketman.”

BEN: “Rocketman,” yes. He’s gonna be playing Ickarus. Salma Hayek as Ajak, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos.

CODY: Who is also in everything.

BEN: Is he?

CODY: He’s in “Atlanta.” He was in “Widows.” He was in a ton of movies this past year. Really great actor.

BEN: Nice. I’m very excited for this.

CODY: Yeah, oh definitely.

BEN: This is thoroughly grounded in the cosmic Marvel world, in that the Eternals are potentially left over from before the Big Bang, I believe. No, I always mix him up with the Celestials. I’m the worst. God.

CODY: They’re close.

BEN: Ugh, the worst.

CODY: They’re created by —

BEN: Created by the Celestials, who are left over from before the Big Bang.

CODY: Right. So we’ll see how that how the lore shapes out for the MCU as compared to the comics because the comics are quite confusing in this area.

BEN: One of them might be Thanos’s parent or something.

CODY: Right. Next after that, we’ve got “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”  Great title.

BEN: Lot of subtitles this time around.

CODY: Which I love.

BEN: I know there’s always subtitles, but like ‘and the blank.’

CODY: I always prefer that to them doing 2 and 3. That’s coming in February 2021. So Shang-Chi is sort of similar to Taskmaster, but in that he’s just sort of a martial arts master.

BEN: Kind of Iron Fist-y, too.

CODY: Like he has a kind of mastery, yeah, of martial arts, specifically kung fu because this character came about during a sort of popularity for kung fu. Canadian actor Simu Liu has been cast in the role.

BEN: I don’t know him, really.

CODY: I don’t either. He’s in “Kim’s Convenience,” which is on Netflix. I’ve never watched that.

BEN: A Netflix Original?

CODY: I don’t know. I just know that it’s on Netflix if you’d like to check him out before this movie. Also, Hong Kong action star Tony Leung, who’s in “Ip Man” and several other things, is playing The Mandarin.

BEN: Again?

CODY: Not the fake one.

BEN: Round seven. You may recall from “Iron Man 3,” Ben Kingsley played “the Mandarin,” but it turned out the twist of the movie was that he’s not The Mandarin.

BEN: Right, but that there is a real Mandarin out there who was partially using that Mandarin as an obvious decoy, sort of.

CODY: Yeah, and is sort of in hiding. So he’s just playing THE Mandarin.

BEN: The actual Mandarin.

CODY: That’s pretty cool because a lot of people were upset that it wasn’t the real Mandarin.

BEN: Yes, at the fake-out.

CODY: I thought it was a cool twist.

BEN: I thought it was, too. Also, The Mandarin has been mentioned now in the multiple Marvel movies, but never really shown.

CODY: Yeah, so that’ll be cool to see him. Awkwafina is also in this movie.

BEN: Yes.

CODY: Which is great.

BEN: Yeah. I still haven’t seen “Crazy Rich Asians.”

CODY: She’s very funny.

BEN: Yeah? Well, then after that — I’m really excited for this one — “WandaVision” in spring of 2021. So this is another Disney+ show. It stars Wanda and Vision.

CODY: Wanda being Scarlet Witch.

BEN: Yeah, I should clarify. Wanda is Scarlet Witch. Vision is —

CODY: The Vision.

BEN: The Vision, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.

CODY: Respectively.

BEN: Respectively. Two of my favorite characters, both in terms of just Marvel and in terms of their portrayals in the movies.

CODY: Yeah, I am pumped.

BEN: Yeah. It also stars Teyonah Parris, I believe, as a grown up version of Monica Rambeau. Did not know that.

CODY: Who we saw as a child in “Captain Marvel.”

BEN: And some time has passed since then.

CODY: Who, in the comics, becomes Captain Marvel and leads the Avengers.

BEN: And eventually becomes her own hero as well.

CODY: Big thing.

BEN: Which is gonna be really cool.

CODY: Yeah. Interesting to see how she’ll factor into this specifically.

BEN: Yeah, but I’m very excited for that. And apparently it’s leading directly into the Doctor Strange movie.

CODY: Which we’ll talk about in a second because it’s the next one, but they’ve said they are very directly connected. Something I’m — I’m really interested in what this show is about. They really have not said anything other than who’s in it.

BEN: I think to me, what made the most sense beforehand was that it would be about the time when Scarlet Witch and Vision were together between — what?  I guess between “Civil War” and “Infinity War.”

CODY: Right.

BEN: Because they were living together and, like, having on the secret romance on the run. I thought that would have made a really good show. Given the fact that we’ve now had a major time jump, for a show to take place 5 years before the rest of everything that the MCU is doing might not make the most sense.

CODY: And tie into the next movie.

BEN: Exactly. So I would be interested to see if this is how they resurrect The Vision because he is dead.

CODY: So, my thought: one of the most, if not the most famous story involving Scarlet Witch is “House of M.”

BEN: Yes.

CODY: Which involves her after a tragedy. She loses their children and creates, just constructs with her powers, a new reality, basically, where mutants are —

BEN: Most mutants are gone.

CODY: No, mutants are in control.

BEN: Oh, I always mix this up. What was the one where the mutants go away? “M-Day?”

CODY: “Days of Future Past?”

BEN: No, there’s one where she, like — someone says, like, ‘no more mutants’ and basically does a Thanos snap for like 99% of mutants.

CODY: I’m not sure.

BEN: Well, anyway.

CODY: This one, they’re in control, and humans are like second class citizens. So technically, I mean, could be that she instead of the tragedy of losing her children, it’s her trying to bring back Vision, and so she constructs her own reality, has a mental break.

BEN: Interesting.

CODY: And that sort would make the title make a little more sense. The title “WandaVision” as one word, so it’s Wanda and Vision, but it also would be like her reality.

BEN: Yes.

CODY: I think that’s a pretty good candidate for what this could be.

BEN: Interesting.

CODY: Which I think would be fascinating, and also, I think, wouldn’t make sense as a tie-in with “Doctor Strange.” So let’s get to that. Coming right after that, in May of 2021, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” co-starring Scarlet Witch.

BEN: Right.

CODY: Which is awesome.

BEN: Yeah.

CODY: And I hope we get to see, both in the show and in this, more exploration of her powers.

BEN: Me too.

CODY: Which we haven’t really seen since her introduction.

BEN: In “Age of Ultron.”

CODY: Which is fair.

BEN: The extent of power background was that, through experiments by Hydra, experiments using the Mind Stone, which, of course, is the same power source that created The Vision and also was in Loki’s staff originally, her and her brother, who is now dead but was Quicksilver, were given their powers through some kind of experimentation, or potentially maybe had their powers, but they were augmented with the Mind Stone. Who knows? And what the Mind Stone has to do with super speed and Wanda’s powers, kind of up in the air. So my hope is that maybe the Mind Stone somehow activated something innate in their genes, like a mutation, and that they’re just gonna be mutants. But who knows?

CODY: True. I’m more interested in seeing — we got to see how her powers can affect people’s minds, in seeing those, like, visions that she gave them because since then, we’ve really only seen the physical manifestation.

BEN: Right.

CODY: But it is magic-ish.

BEN: Yeah, it is magicky.

CODY: They’re called hexes.

BEN: Yes.

CODY: So just exploring more of what it can do I think would be cool.

BEN: But anyway, Doctor Strange.

CODY: Yeah. This is also the same director as the first one, and he says — he’s a horror director. He’s done a lot of horror work, and he says that this is the MCU’s first horror movie.

BEN: Interesting.

CODY: I’m so excited.

BEN: So they’re experimenting with genre more.

CODY: This is also the first confirmation that there is a multiverse.

BEN: Right. I mean, it was sort of briefly touched on in the first “Doctor Strange,” in that, like, there’s more than one universe and they all overlap, but that was more kind of in a dimension sense rather than there are multiple versions of this story happening in different ways.

CODY: And in “Endgame,” by creating different timelines they also address it, but they’ve never used the term multiverse.

BEN: No, they haven’t.

CODY: Except for in “Spider-Man,” —

BEN: As a fake-out.

CODY: — but he was lying.

BEN: Yes, he was, as we now know.

CODY: Let’s get to the what comes after that.

BEN: Yeah, the next one’s gonna be “Loki.” So that’s gonna be also in the spring of 2021. It follows Loki after he disappears with the Tesseract in “Endgame.”

CODY: And this is on Disney+.

BEN: It is also on Disney+.

CODY: And the logo for this show is ass.

BEN: Really?

CODY: Straight up terrible.

BEN: I think I’ve seen.

CODY: It looks gross.

BEN: Isn’t it just, like, his name in different fonts or something?

CODY: Weird fonts. It looks bad.

BEN: Yeah, it’s really weird.

CODY: I’m sure there’s purpose for doing that. I don’t like it.

BEN: But this show also is going to have to touch on the multiverse thing because it takes place in a parallel universe in which Loki survived, wasn’t killed eventually by Thanos, stole the Tesseract, which, as we know from “Endgame,” when you take a Infinity Stone out of that timeline, that timeline diverges. So it’s gonna take place in a parallel universe, possibly featuring him trying to get back to the primary timeline. Who knows? But that will be interesting for sure.

CODY: We’ll see. After that is, I think, the most interesting thing that we’ve got on the slate just because of how different it is.

BEN: I’m very excited.

CODY: I’m very excited as well. This is in summer 2021, “What If…?” This is the first animated project for the MCU.

BEN: Yes.

CODY: And for anyone familiar with the comics, the “What If” series of comics are really cool. So they’re non-canon hypotheticals. So it’s like, you know, ‘what if Captain America had never been revived?’ Or, ‘what if Bruce Banner didn’t become The Hulk?’ It’s just different things, and they tell the story of what would have happened if these big events changed.

BEN: What if Peggy became Captain America? I know that was one.

CODY: That’s rumored to be one of the episodes.

BEN: Right.

CODY: It’s not confirmed.

BEN: That I would love.

CODY: That would be cool, but she is confirmed to be in it.

BEN: Cool.

CODY: This is going to be presented by Uatu the Watcher —

BEN: Ohh!

CODY: Exciting — played by Jeffrey Wright from “Westworld.”

BEN: Did he do — well, I guess we didn’t have voices of Uatu, but because Uatu maybe showed up. CODY: Well, it was the Watchers. We didn’t have confirmation it was Uatu.

BEN: That’s fair. They all kind of look the same, though.

CODY: Was that in “Guardians?”

BEN: It was in “Guardians 2,” yeah, when they were doing some jumps.

CODY: Right. So the Watchers are in the Marvel canon. They watch.

BEN: They do. They like to watch.

CODY: They’re sort of cosmic beings that watch the events of history unfold, and don’t do much.

BEN: Bunch of blue-ass perverts.

CODY: And Uatu is the most well-known of this, so this is cool, presenting all that. He’s gonna be narrating it.

BEN: That’s awesome.

CODY: And a ton of the MCU characters are gonna be in this, played by their actual voice actors.

BEN: Which is very cool.

CODY: Yeah. We’ve got Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Nick Fury, Nebula, Peggy Carter, Thanos, Loki, Hank Pym, Scott Lang, Jane Foster.

BEN: Thanos?

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: Wow.

CODY: And more. I couldn’t list them all.

BEN: What if Thanos wasn’t a douche?

CODY: So it’s legit.

BEN: Yeah. I’m very excited for that.

CODY: Another one rumored to maybe an episode, ‘what if Loki found Mjolnir?’

BEN: [gasp]

And he became the God of Thunder.

CODY: Right.

BEN: Wow, cool.

CODY: After that, we’ve got another Disney+.

BEN: Yeah, Disney+ is really — I mean, they have my money. They didn’t need to make any of this. I would have paid them everything I had, but I’ll pay them more now.

CODY: Just for the back catalog.

BEN: Literally.

CODY: But I’m so excited about this stuff.

BEN: I know, me too. So after that is “Hawkeye,” which is gonna be the fall of 2021. That takes place after “Endgame” and is about Hawkeye, possibly now kind of Ronin, but Hawkeye as we know him training his daughter.

CODY: Well —

BEN: It’s not about him training his daughter?

CODY: It’s about him training Kate Bishop.

BEN: [gasp]


CODY: Who is Hawkeye in the comics. She is one of the other Hawkeyes.

BEN: Oh, I for sure assumed it was about him training his daughter since he was training her in the movie.

CODY: Well, I thought that, too. And maybe they do something where his daughter is Kate Bishop or something because they haven’t announced the casting for her.

BEN: Oh, okay.

CODY: Or, like, maybe she has a different — or did she, did he call her by her name?


CODY: Not referencing the movie.

BEN: The film “Call Me By Your Name.”

CODY: But I don’t know.

BEN: I don’t think so. He called her Hawkeye in that scene.

CODY: Right. So not clear how that pans out, but it’s Kate Bishop, they have said, for sure is gonna be in the show.

BEN: Cool.

CODY: They also said they would explore a little bit of —

BEN: Linda Cardellini will probably be in it, thank god.

CODY: — the time we didn’t see for him during the time jump between “Infinity War” and “Endgame.”

BEN: Yeah. It’ll probably deal with some of the ramifications of him becoming a possible villain.

CODY: Eh, antihero.

BEN: Antihero, I guess, is probably more fair, yeah.

CODY: After that —

BEN: I am so excited.

CODY: I’m quivering about this, “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

BEN: Yes.

CODY: So Taika Waititi is returning to write and direct this. He did “Ragnarok” previously.

BEN: Which was amazing.

CODY: It was a great sort of — not, you know, reboot, but a new direction for the “Thor” movies.

BEN: It was a departure.

CODY: Natalie Portman is back, baby!

BEN: Yeah.

CODY: In this one as Jane Foster, but as Thor, which, if you are confused by that —

BEN: Don’t be.

CODY: — welcome to Marvel.

BEN: Yes.

CODY: But yeah, so other people can take up the mantle of Thor, technically.

BEN: Isn’t it basically whoever picks up Mjolnir is endowed with the powers of Thor.

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: So by that logic, Thanos, The Vision, Captain America, a number of other characters have already wielded the power of Thor, in a sense.

CODY: Right. This is, the director has said, based on Jason Aaron’s comic run of “The Mighty Thor,” which sees Jane as Thor.

BEN: And I think it’s worth noting she first appeared as Thor in a “What If” scenario.

CODY: Right. And that series is wonderful.

BEN: Yeah. It was one of the best-selling Thor series, from what I’ve heard.

CODY: I don’t want to say too much about it.

BEN: Yeah, please don’t.

CODY: Because it’s just really great.

BEN: Is it part of the main timeline, like Earth 616?

CODY: Yes, I think so.

BEN: Earth 616 is the primary timeline of Marvel Comics.

CODY: I don’t — the timelines are so crazy.

BEN: They are.

CODY: But I think it is. Valkyrie is also going to be back. She has just confirmed to be bisexual.

BEN: Bi visibility!

CODY: Which she is in the comics, and was supposed to be initially. They had a deleted scene from the first movie.

BEN: It was pretty heavily implied.

CODY: Yeah, she is. The actress, Tessa Thompson, has hinted that since she has been crowned the new king, as she said, of Asgard, that she needs a queen now, so maybe we’ll get some of that.

BEN: That makes me so happy.

CODY: Yeah.

BEN: Yeah.

CODY: Would you like to talk about the last bits of announcements we got, which came out after the other things we were talking about?

BEN: Yeah, so a few things have been touched on as coming down the pipeline, where there’s work being done, but it’s not exactly — like, there aren’t dates set, particularly. But there is some casting, so possibly Phase Five, possibly who knows. We have confirmed “Blade” starring Mahershala Ali as Blade.

CODY: Lots people excited about this.

BEN: Very excited.

CODY: I never watched “Blade,” I never read “Blade.”

BEN: “Blade,” “Blade 2,” and “Blade Trinity?”

CODY: I’ve never — I’m very, like, as someone who knows a lot of Marvel, very unfamiliar with Blade in general.

BEN: I liked him a lot in “Marvel Ultimate Alliance.”

CODY: Oh, true.

BEN: I think he was in one of those games. He’s just cool. He’s like a half vampire, half not vampire. Good times. He’s also gonna be the first time when we have a pretty major role of a character appear twice as — like, the actor appears twice as different characters in Marvel canon.

CODY: Right. He was in the first season of “Luke Cage.”

BEN: He was in “Luke Cage,” but I think pretty firmly Disney is probably just gonna officially de-canonize all of the Netflix shows.

CODY: Yeah, excommunicate.

BEN: Yes. And they are not part of the canon.

CODY: I would love for them to carry over Jessica Jones, though.

BEN: Oh my god, I know. Maybe they will. Maybe we’ll do a separate series and just continue it. Additionally, we’re getting a Black Panther 2. I think that was kind of a given. We’re gonna get Guardians Vol. 3., kind of a given. Captain America — Jesus, Captain Marvel 2, definitely a given. Spider-Man 3, for sure a given.

CODY: Hopefully a direct remake of Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3.”

BEN: Yes, which we thoroughly covered in our review.

CODY: We did.

BEN: That was really what the episode was about. And then —

CODY: The biggies.

BEN: Kind of shockers, the big ones. The really exciting things are the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. They’re being brought in. So we knew that Marvel had gotten the rights — well, I guess Disney got their hands on the rights — to all the Fox properties that previously had been made. The X-Men, obviously a long, very lucrative franchise that just kind of closed up shop with “Dark Phoenix,” which we covered previously, and the Fantastic Four, that not so much has done well.

CODY: Yeah, they didn’t say really anything about how they’re going to be included or when, but just that it’s being worked on it, which is exciting.

BEN: Very exciting.

CODY: So that’s all the info we got.

BEN: That’s our very long minisode.

CODY: It’s a ton of information.

BEN: There’s just so much to talk about.

CODY: So, yeah. Obviously we’re excited.

BEN: I’m so excited.

CODY: And obviously we’re going to watch all of these in their entirety.

BEN: Of course we will.

CODY: So you’ll be hearing about it.

BEN: Be on the lookout for those across the next five years.

CODY: Yep.

BEN: We’ll see you in five years.

CODY: Check it out.

BEN: Okay, bye.

CODY: Thanks for listening!

BEN: Yeah, thank you so much. Please be sure to like and subscribe here on YouTube.

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