Watchers on the (Stone)Wall – Game of Thrones / Stonewall

It seems like everyone watched the finale of Game of Thrones, but one of our Queeks (Ben) was not caught up. After binge watching the entire series, he and our other Queek (Cody) lend their unique perspectives on the landmark TV event. Then we travel back in time to Pride Month 2019, when the Queeks hit the road and visited New York’s historic Stonewall Inn, the spiritual birthplace of the American LGBT movement. It’s our first ever Queeks road trip!


  1. [00:00] Ben Binges Game of Thrones

  2. [05:08] The Final Season vs. The Books

  3. [09:55] The Long Night

  4. [17:28] Daenerys’ Wild Ride

  5. [22:32] The Finale: Jon & Daenerys

  6. [26:00] Crowning King Bran

  7. [31:45] Ben Makes a Solemn Vow

  8. [32:42] Queeks Road Trip: Stonewall

  9. [35:18] A Brief Interlude on Manhattan Driving

  10. [37:06] Queer in 1969

  11. [43:05] Greenwich Village & The Stonewall Inn

  12. [46:42] June 28, 1969

  13. [52:32] The Immediate Aftermath & Stonewall Today

  14. [56:47] The First Pride March & The Legacy of Stonewall

  15. [63:26] Stonewall 50: WorldPride NYC

  16. [67:00] Road Trip Reminiscence



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We're two queer geeks who know a lot about nerd culture, but not enough about gay culture. Join us as we obsess over the fandoms we love, and expose ourselves (ooh la la) to the LGBTQ culture we've missed.

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