The Spider-Man Spectacular – Song of Spider-Man / Turn Off the Dark

Spideyfreude (noun): enjoyment obtained from the troubles of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. 


According to the musical’s co-writer, Glen Berger, this is what drove audiences to see his show. It’s also what drove us to read his book Song of Spider-Man, and then watch a bootleg recording of the musical. Join us as we (attempt to) turn off the snark with the help of our extra special guest, Lucy Mueller!


  1. [00:00] A Book About A Musical (Song of Spider-Man)

  2. [03:06] Glen Berger, Playwright/Author/Unreliable Narrator

  3. [05:30] The One With Glen & Julie’s Ross and Rachel Thing

  4. [07:00] What Could Go Wrong?

  5. [08:53] Technical and Narrative Difficulties

  6. [13:21] Julie Taymor Is Arachne

  7. [16:54] Plan X

  8. [19:00] Revisions and What We’ll Watch

  9. [25:46] Preparing Ourselves To Watch

  10. [28:28] We Watched Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

  11. [31:32] Characters, Costumes, and A Merciful Murder

  12. [35:45] Script, Sets, and Slow Pacing

  13. [38:53] Despite Wires, Some Cool Scenes

  14. [42:19] The Chase Brock Experience

  15. [44:06] The Green Goblin & The Sinister Six

  16. [49:12] J. Jonah Jameson & Odd Choices

  17. [53:15] A Disappointing Score by Bono and The Edge

  18. [56:20] Postscript and The Show’s Ending 

  19. [61:23] Final Thoughts



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