71st Primetime Queeks Emmy Pre-Show

It’s the (second) biggest night in Hollywood, and the Queeks are stoked! This week, we run through the nominees and give our official predictions for the Emmy Awards, broadcasting Sunday, September 22. If you’re betting on winners, we think you’ll want to hear our predictions first.


  1. [00:00] Intro to the Emmys

  2. [05:20] Outstanding Comedy

  3. [15:06] Lead Actor in a Comedy

  4. [18:28] Lead Actress in a Comedy

  5. [23:46] Supporting Actor in a Comedy

  6. [27:51] Supporting Actress in a Comedy

  7. [34:40] Outstanding Drama

  8. [47:06] Lead Actor in a Drama

  9. [50:51] Lead Actress in a Drama

  10. [57:42] Supporting Actor in a Drama

  11. [60:50] Supporting Actress in a Drama



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