71st Primetime Queeks Emmy Wrap-Up

The purple carpet may be rolled up in storage until next year, but the Queeks are still here to talk about the Emmys! This week we take a look at the winners, the losers, the fashion, and the questionable decisions made in the 2019 Emmy Awards. Did Game of Thrones deserve to win? Was Veep robbed? Will Jenny McCarthy ever do something not-terrible? 


For our full coverage of the big night, check out our Instagram (@queekspodcast), where you’ll also find some reference photos for the best and worst dressed. Please note we are not fashion experts (or even slightly competent in the subject) so take it with a grain of salt.


  1. [00:00] The Emmys, Brought to You by The Masked Singer

  2. [04:53] Worst Dressed

  3. [10:28] Best Dressed

  4. [24:01] Outstanding Comedy

  5. [26:45] Lead Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  6. [31:07] Supporting Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  7. [35:39] Outstanding Drama

  8. [37:47] Lead Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  9. [40:50] Supporting Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  10. [43:26] Outstanding Variety Sketch Series/Talk Series

  11. [47:46] Outstanding Limited Series/Competition Series

  12. [51:15] Highlights: Busy Phillips, Thomas Lennon, and Bob Newhart

  13. [56:16] Flubs: Jenny McCarthy, The Masked Singer, and the Not Dead Leonard Slatkin

  14. [61:07] Emmy Ballot Contest Results



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