The Queek Crystal – Dark Crystal/Rent

In a time when everything is being rebooted, it’s easy to feel cynical about a Netflix series based on a cult classic puppet masterpiece like The Dark Crystal. But damn if they didn’t totally nail it! We give our thoughts on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, gape at the technological advancements since the original, and are star-struck by the totally stacked cast.


In the second half of the episode, we totally switch gears and watch the film version of the musical Rent. One of us had seen it many times and loves it, one of us had never seen it before and has a few thoughts. Tune in to find out who, and be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts!


  1. [00:00] Intro to The Dark Crystal

  2. [07:38] Intro to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

  3. [11:25] The World of Thra

  4. [18:42] Game of Thrones with Puppets?

  5. [22:17] Simon Pegg as Barry Dennen as Frank Oz as The Chamberlain

  6. [25:55] Old School and New Age VFX

  7. [29:13] Names and Races and Dreamfasting: Keeping it Straight

  8. [34:47] Intro to Rent

  9. [40:39] Representation: Broadway and Hollywood

  10. [44:16] Sung-Throughs and Rock Musicals

  11. [49:20] Rent vs. Rent: Musical vs. Movie

  12. [55:47] Movie Musicals, Stage to Screen

  13. [58:40] Rent: Live and Live TV Musicals



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