Aquaqueek – Aquaman / Wig

We swore we’d get around to watching Aquaman eventually, and now we’re making good on that. Then, continuing in this fishy theme, we close out the episode by discussing the new documentary Wig, covering the history of New York’s influential Wigstock festival.


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  1. [00:00] A Little Programming Note

  2. [01:36] Aquaman in the DCEU

  3. [04:04] Our Relationship to the DCEU

  4. [08:38] Intro to Aquaman

  5. [14:55] Lead-Up and Reception

  6. [18:47] The Issue of Exposition

  7. [22:11] The Spider-Man 3 Problem: Too Many Villains?

  8. [26:14] Visually It Was Beautiful, But Also…

  9. [32:26] The Trench and Aquaman 2

  10. [34:55] Intro to Wig

  11. [37:12] The History of Wigstock

  12. [41:34] Rudy Giuliani and Rain: Too Many Villains?

  13. [44:45] “The Post-Drag Race World”

  14. [51:57] Is Drag Dead?

  15. [61:02] Maybe the Official Wigstock Descriptions



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