The Gayest Doctor – Doctor Who: City of Death / The Bravest Knight

With a back-catalogue spanning more than half a century, and 14 actors playing the same character, there’s a lot to cover when it comes to Doctor Who. This week we discuss 1979’s City of Death, a series of episodes from the tenure of the beloved Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.


Back in the present, we watch The Bravest Knight, an animated kids show on Hulu about a knight in training and her gay dads. We also cover the predictably vocal opposition the show received for depicting same sex couples in a positive light.


If you want to tell us we’re going to hell for encouraging children to live a life of perversion, please do so via a review on Apple Podcasts!


  1. [00:00] Intro to Doctor Who

  2. [05:53] Who is The Doctor?

  3. [11:03] “Change, My Dear, and Not a Moment Too Soon”

  4. [16:09] Intro to City of Death

  5. [20:31] Time Lords in Paris

  6. [24:47] Then & Now: Reception to City of Death

  7. [30:49] Tom Baker, Douglas Adams, Romana, and “the Daddies”

  8. [37:54] Intro to The Bravest Knight

  9. [44:44] Arthur vs. Alabama: Should We Respond to Homophobic Criticism?

  10. [50:00] “The LGBTQ Agenda in Kids’ Programming”

  11. [58:34] Do We Need The Bravest Knight? (Of Course We Do)



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We're two queer geeks who know a lot about nerd culture, but not enough about gay culture. Join us as we obsess over the fandoms we love, and expose ourselves (ooh la la) to the LGBTQ culture we've missed.

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