Mini Queek – Disney+

Disney owns almost everything we love, so it was only a matter of time before they took over streaming too. In this Mini Queek we talk about Disney+, the blockbuster streaming service that’s banking on nostalgia, the buying power of kids, and a smattering of original content to drive the world’s greatest media empire into the future.


  1. [00:00] The Highly Anticipated Disney+ Release

  2. [03:18] …For Some of Us

  3. [04:38] What’s Not On Disney+

  4. [08:07] Episodes Out of Order/Missing Entirely

  5. [09:55] Missing Features

  6. [11:20] Dear Streaming Giants, Where Are the Special Features?

  7. [13:50] Cutting Off The Simpsons

  8. [15:24] Content Warnings & Song of the South

  9. [21:25] Adult Content & The X-Men

  10. [23:56] Han vs. Greedo: Who Shot First? MACLUNKEY!

  11. [30:06] Brief Teaser Thoughts on The Mandalorian Premiere



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