A Very English Episode – The Crown / A Very English Scandal

Join us across the pond for a very English episode! We start off chatting about the Netflix phenomenon The Crown, comparing the new cast to their predecessors, discussing the historical accuracy, and trying to figure out why Americans love the Royal Family so much. Then, still in the UK, we review A Very English Scandal, the limited series by BBC and Amazon that takes a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the Thorpe Affair, a gay sex scandal that rocked the island in the 70’s. If you’re an Anglophile or otherwise a fan of what we’ve been doing, please leave Queeks a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever else permits podcast reviews! Tata and farewell.


  1. [00:00] Intro to The Crown

  2. [10:21] New Season, New Cast

  3. [16:30] Tobias Menzies’ Depth & Olivia Colman’s Restraint

  4. [20:50] The Burden of Royalty

  5. [23:00] Historical Accuracy: Peter Townsend & Edward VIII

  6. [27:31] American Royal Watching

  7. [32:12] A Very English Scandal

  8. [36:36] The Thorpe Affair

  9. [44:08] 18 Years in 3 Episodes

  10. [47:38] Expressive Suppression in Gay Britons

  11. [53:07] Is A Very English Scandal Too Comedic

  12. [61:02] A Very English Crossover Event



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We're two queer geeks who know a lot about nerd culture, but not enough about gay culture. Join us as we obsess over the fandoms we love, and expose ourselves (ooh la la) to the LGBTQ culture we've missed.

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