All I Want for Christmas is Queeks – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service / Our Favorite Christmas Movies

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is often considered one of the best James Bond movies of the 24 that have been released. In honor of its 50th anniversary and in anticipation of a new Bond movie next year, we watched the classic spy film and discuss why it, and Bond, are so special. Then we get in the holiday spirit and watch each other’s favorite Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol from Cody, and The Holiday from Ben. 

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  1. [00:00] Merry Queekmas!

  2. [00:54] Intro to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  3. [09:27] The 007 Recipe

  4. [13:35] In Praise of Dame Diana Rigg’s Tracy

  5. [15:45] Alpine Road Racing and Bobsled Fights

  6. [20:16] Thoughts from a Bond Rookie

  7. [27:55] What’s in a Christmas Movie?/Honorable Mentions

  8. [34:35] Cody’s Favorite: The Muppet Christmas Carol

  9. [39:30] “When Love Is Gone”

  10. [50:01] Ben’s Favorite: The Holiday

  11. [56:01] Thoughts from a Nancy Meyers Rookie

  12. [64:38] Thoughts on Acid Reflux



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