Exit Stage Queeks: The Baby Yoda Chronicles – The Mandalorian / The Snagglepuss Chronicles


  1. [00:00] Intro to The Mandalorian

  2. [07:29] The Mandalorian with No Name

  3. [11:23] Small Town Star Wars

  4. [14:44] The Clone Wars Connection

  5. [22:10] Why Everyone Likes The Mandalorian

  6. [23:35] The Mandalorian Season 2

  7. [29:10] Is There a Pacing Problem?

  8. [33:38] Intro to Exit, Stage Left!: The Snagglepuss Chronicles

  9. [38:34] Bringing Snagglepuss to Comic Books & Red Scare America

  10. [46:43] Gritty Reboots & Character Recycling

  11. [50:25] Snagglepuss in the Lavender Scare

  12. [59:08] Welcome to the 50s (Again)



Published by Queeks: The Queer Geek Podcast

We're two queer geeks who know a lot about nerd culture, but not enough about gay culture. Join us as we obsess over the fandoms we love, and expose ourselves (ooh la la) to the LGBTQ culture we've missed.

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