Batwoman / Mrs. America

Although we generally avoid the CW Arrowverse, we had to dive into Batwoman as it concluded its first season. It embodies both of our core topics: geekiness, and queerness. Whether it successfully addresses queerness is up for debate, but we certainly have some thoughts. Then, we watched Mrs. America, a new FX series about Phyllis Schlafly and the fight over the Equal Rights Amendment. If you think we’re biased against DC Comics and its related media, feel free to tell us in a review on Apple Podcasts! As long as you agree with our bias, that is.

Published by Queeks: The Queer Geek Podcast

We're two queer geeks who know a lot about nerd culture, but not enough about gay culture. Join us as we obsess over the fandoms we love, and expose ourselves (ooh la la) to the LGBTQ culture we've missed.

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