Invisible Queeks Erased – The Invisible Man / Boy Erased

Thanks to wordplay, we decided to talk about two scary things this Queek – The Invisible Man and Boy Erased. The first is a reimagining of the H.G. Wells horror classic, this time following a woman being terrorized by her (now invisible) abusive boyfriend. The second is a different kind of horror, as it’s basedContinue reading “Invisible Queeks Erased – The Invisible Man / Boy Erased”

Star Queek: Picard – Star Trek: Picard / Orlando

Beloved Star Trek alumnus Patrick Stewart returns to the captains chair in Star Trek: Picard. The series is a major shift for the massive franchise, and follows its titular character as he attempts to right a decades-old wrong. Then, on a completely different note, we watched the period drama Orlando, about an immortal/androgynous Tilda SwintonContinue reading “Star Queek: Picard – Star Trek: Picard / Orlando”

Mini Queek – Star Trek Pre-Picard Primer

In anticipation of our upcoming episode covering Star Trek: Picard, we thought we’d quickly review some pivotal episodes and movies from Star Trek’s past. We talk about our own histories with the franchise, the most relevant moments, and our exhaustion at the prospect of watching every episode of every series. If you liked hearing usContinue reading “Mini Queek – Star Trek Pre-Picard Primer”

Bloodshot: We Are Not Okay With This – Bloodshot / I Am Not Okay With This

One high-profile movie that left theaters early due to COVID-19 is Bloodshot, based on the comic book of the same name. This movie is weighed down by superhero and action movie tropes, and not even the light touch approach to character development could lift it up. Maybe the rest of the Valiant Cinematic Universe willContinue reading “Bloodshot: We Are Not Okay With This – Bloodshot / I Am Not Okay With This”

Stools: The Straight Cool Podcast – Hobbs & Shaw / Entourage

Suh, dudes. In honor of April Fools Day we decided to take a break from our usual queer/geek topics and ran in the opposite direction: straight/cool topics! On the cool front, we watched Hobbs & Shaw, presented by The Fast & The Furious. It’s got cars, it’s got spies, and it’s super cool. Then, onContinue reading “Stools: The Straight Cool Podcast – Hobbs & Shaw / Entourage”

Pandemic Binge-tacular

Many of us are trapped inside during COVID-19 quarantine, and we’re jonesing for entertainment to binge. So this week we’re doing something a little different, and providing the world (and each other) with binge-worthy recommendations on TV shows, video games, books, and movies. If you’ve heeded our advice and loved what we suggested, or ifContinue reading “Pandemic Binge-tacular”

Dreams of Apple TV+ – Dreams / Visible: Out on Televison

Dreams is a bold new game, game-making suite, gaming platform, and social media experience all wrapped into one charming package, and here on Queeks, we love inspecting packages! We took the creation tools for a spin and explored just a bit of what the player/creators have come up with. Then we made our first ventureContinue reading “Dreams of Apple TV+ – Dreams / Visible: Out on Televison”

Mini Queek – Interview with Margherita DiGeronimo, star of Yummy Mummies

When we discussed Yummy Mummies on a previous episode, we never expected that the show’s star would hear it. So when Margherita, mother to Maria and grandmother to baby Valentina, reached out to us on Instagram, we were floored. And then we called her! Enjoy this miniqueek where we talk to the iconic Margherita DiGeronimo,Continue reading “Mini Queek – Interview with Margherita DiGeronimo, star of Yummy Mummies”