EnQueek! – Encore / Our First Musicals

Theater kids eventually have to grow up, but Encore! has given them a chance to relive their glory days. We watched the new Disney+ series that follows former casts of high school musicals as they remount their original productions. They have five days to rehearse before curtain, all while also navigating old flings, new hipContinue reading “EnQueek! – Encore / Our First Musicals”

Derry Queeks – The Toys that Made Us / Derry Girls

Like every other kid on Earth, we loved toys growing up, so Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us was, well, made for us. The series covers the biggest toy franchises of the past 100 years, and to supplement we’ve provided insight on a few of our own favorite toys. Then, we take a wee tripContinue reading “Derry Queeks – The Toys that Made Us / Derry Girls”

Aquaqueek – Aquaman / Wig

We swore we’d get around to watching Aquaman eventually, and now we’re making good on that. Then, continuing in this fishy theme, we close out the episode by discussing the new documentary Wig, covering the history of New York’s influential Wigstock festival.   If you like what you’re hearing, be sure to leave us aContinue reading “Aquaqueek – Aquaman / Wig”

Spider-Man: Far From Homo – Spider-Man: Far From Home / Paris Is Burning [Spoilers]

Show Notes Chapters [00:00] Intros [00:48] MCU Up-To-Now [02:43] In-depth analysis of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 [06:58] Rumours (Ben correctly predicts the Sony-MCU split) [07:45] The movie as a sequel [10:15] Introducing…Mysterio! [18:30] The movie as a finale [19:50] Spidey’s other friends and foes [26:40] What will happen to the gang next time? [35:00] WhyContinue reading “Spider-Man: Far From Homo – Spider-Man: Far From Home / Paris Is Burning [Spoilers]”