Derry Queeks – The Toys that Made Us / Derry Girls

Like every other kid on Earth, we loved toys growing up, so Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us was, well, made for us. The series covers the biggest toy franchises of the past 100 years, and to supplement we’ve provided insight on a few of our own favorite toys. Then, we take a wee tripContinue reading “Derry Queeks – The Toys that Made Us / Derry Girls”

A Very English Episode – The Crown / A Very English Scandal

Join us across the pond for a very English episode! We start off chatting about the Netflix phenomenon The Crown, comparing the new cast to their predecessors, discussing the historical accuracy, and trying to figure out why Americans love the Royal Family so much. Then, still in the UK, we review A Very English Scandal,Continue reading “A Very English Episode – The Crown / A Very English Scandal”

The Queek Crystal – Dark Crystal/Rent

In a time when everything is being rebooted, it’s easy to feel cynical about a Netflix series based on a cult classic puppet masterpiece like The Dark Crystal. But damn if they didn’t totally nail it! We give our thoughts on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, gape at the technological advancements since the original,Continue reading “The Queek Crystal – Dark Crystal/Rent”

Stranger Queeks – Stranger Things / Special

Two queer geeks (Cody & Ben) share their thoughts on season 3 of Stranger Things. Then they finally get around to watching Special, the Netflix miniseries about a gay man with cerebral palsy. We say “finally” but the show was just released this year so we’re actually pretty ahead, OK? Just cut us a break.Continue reading “Stranger Queeks – Stranger Things / Special”

Queeks Assemble! – Avengers: Endgame/Queer Eye original series [Spoilers]

Show Notes Chapters [00:00] Intro [01:12] Avengers: Endgame Overview [05:49] The Captain Marvel Connection [08:22] Time Travelling the MCU [12:59] The MVP(s)/Regarding That Fat Suit [19:35] The End/Saying Goodbye [22:20] Coming Soon: Far From Home, Black Widow, and The Young Avengers? [28:04] The Next Big Bad: Galactus vs. Doctor Doom [30:18] Intro to Queer Eye [35:16] 2003: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy InContinue reading “Queeks Assemble! – Avengers: Endgame/Queer Eye original series [Spoilers]”