Harley Queek – Birds of Prey / Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Harley Quinn has had a rough go of it, both in terms of the plot of her movie and the movie’s box office returns. We watched her second on-screen (but first leading) appearance, Birds of Prey, and we do our best to cut through the incel noise about this fun, if flawed, movie. Then weContinue reading “Harley Queek – Birds of Prey / Portrait of a Lady on Fire”

92nd Queeks Academy Awards Wrap-Up – Oscars Post-Show

The Rainbow Road to the Oscars has come to an end! It was the biggest night in Hollywood! The stars were out! Join us to discuss the 92nd Academy Awards, where we’ll cover the night’s big winners, the snubs, the flubs, and the best/worst dressed. If you want some context, be sure to listen toContinue reading “92nd Queeks Academy Awards Wrap-Up – Oscars Post-Show”

Queeks 2019 Gaylist: Now on Spotify

Here’s a playlist to add to all of those year-end 2019 Wrapped mixes on Spotify: The Queeks 2019 Gaylist! It’s 100 of our favorite songs over the past year: 50% Cody, 50% Ben, 100% gay. Quite the eclectic mix, but very uniquely us. And while you’re there, hop over to the Queeks Podcast page to followContinue reading “Queeks 2019 Gaylist: Now on Spotify”