Rainbow Road to the Oscars, Part 3: The Golden Globes

Every road trip involves at least one disgusting rest stop, and on the Rainbow Road to the Oscars, there is no more disgusting a rest stop than the Golden Globes. When we arent throwing shade at this half-assed booze fest, we make our predictions by trying to get in the mind of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the shadowy cabal that runs the show. As always, we’ll also be live-gramming the show (January 5 at 8pm EST) and we’ll release a ballot to see if you can out predict us. Good luck!


  1. [00:00] Intro to the Golden Globes

  2. [04:46] Best Motion Picture – Drama

  3. [07:49] Best Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical

  4. [10:03] Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama

  5. [10:57] Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical

  6. [13:31] Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

  7. [15:47] Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical

  8. [16:54] Best TV Series – Drama

  9. [19:44] Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical

  10. [21:29] Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama

  11. [23:49] Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy/Musical

  12. [26:01] Best Actor in a TV Series – Drama

  13. [28:08] Best Actor in a TV Series – Comedy/Musical

  14. [29:54] Our Golden Globes Coverage



Star Wars Episode X: Jellicle Queeks – The Rise of Skywalker / Cats

Two epic films released on Friday, December 20th: Star Wars and Cats. This week we take on the herculean task of discussing both movies, and there is a LOT to say about both. Whether you loved it or hated it, odds are you have an opinion on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Or, if you havent seen it yet, maybe skip to after the break when we enter the horror-scape of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s New Nightmare.


If you loved or hated either movie, apologies for pissing you off. Regardless after you finish review bombing your least favorite, consider reviewing us on Apple Podcasts! Please be gentler with us than you were on Rian Johnson, though.


  1. [00:00] Intro to Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

  2. [06:09] Regarding The Last Jedi

  3. [09:05] Meet the Palpatines

  4. [20:49] Set Pace to Ludicrous Speed

  5. [27:09] Babu, D-O, and the Iconic Richard E. Grant

  6. [32:09] “Be With Me”

  7. [36:14] Lightsaber Battles / Leia

  8. [40:32] Odds & Ends & That “Big” Gay Kiss

  9. [48:18] Intro to Cats

  10. [50:03] Jumping Right In: This Was Terrible

  11. [54:22] The Uncanny Valley

  12. [62:15] Idris Elba is Thanos Cat

  13. [67:20] Those Effects Were…Special

  14. [72:45] Who was the Hottest Cat?

  15. [73:18] Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats



Gaymen – Watchmen / Gay Future

Who watches the Watchmen? We do! Join us as we discuss HBO’s latest masterpiece Watchmen, based on the Alan Moore comic book of the same name. This time around there are more masks, more squids, and more songs from Oklahoma! as the superhero story continues in a dystopic present day. Then, in a much scarier and more distant dystopia, we explore the insanely hilarious world of Gay Future, a narrative podcast based on an unreleased YA novel by Mike Pence that dares to ask the question “what will the gays do when they finally take over?”


If you fear for your children and want to avoid a superhero/super gay dystopia, may we suggest leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts? It’s the best way to avoid incurring our wrath.


  1. [00:00] Intro to Watchmen

  2. [05:59] Do I have to read the comics?

  3. [09:36] Can Everyone Enjoy This Show?

  4. [13:52] Race in Watchmen

  5. [19:53] Sister Night and Friends

  6. [24:27] Reznor & Ross / Jean Smart as Laurie Blake

  7. [27:40] Lube Man & Dr. Manhattan 2.0

  8. [34:15] Watchmen Season 2?

  9. [42:20] Intro to Gay Future

  10. [46:05] Intro to Mike Pence: Man Who Calls His Wife ‘Mother’

  11. [51:16] A+ Writing & Sound Design

  12. [60:25] Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard

  13. [65:05] This Episode is Brought to You by Toon Blast



Mini Queek – Rainbow Road to the Oscars, Part 2: The Irishman/Marriage Story/Ford v Ferrari

Next stop on the Rainbow Road to the Oscars: three more contenders for the golden man himself. This time around we watched Martin Scorsese’s crime epic The Irishman, divorce dramedy Marriage Story, and car movie Ford v Ferrari. Listen in on our predictions for the fates of these films, and keep checking back here for more Oscar predictions before the big show, February 9th! And if you want to critique our critiques or predict our next predictions, please do so in the form of a review on Apple Podcasts, and tell your friends to yell at us too!


  1. [00:00] Intro to Rainbow Road to the Oscars

  2. [01:02] The Irishman

  3. [13:12] Marriage Story

  4. [28:39] Ford v Ferrari

  5. [36:00] Down the Rainbow Road…



All I Want for Christmas is Queeks – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service / Our Favorite Christmas Movies

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is often considered one of the best James Bond movies of the 24 that have been released. In honor of its 50th anniversary and in anticipation of a new Bond movie next year, we watched the classic spy film and discuss why it, and Bond, are so special. Then we get in the holiday spirit and watch each other’s favorite Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol from Cody, and The Holiday from Ben. 

If you like what you’re hearing, please spread some Christmas cheer by sharing our podcast with friends and family!


  1. [00:00] Merry Queekmas!

  2. [00:54] Intro to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  3. [09:27] The 007 Recipe

  4. [13:35] In Praise of Dame Diana Rigg’s Tracy

  5. [15:45] Alpine Road Racing and Bobsled Fights

  6. [20:16] Thoughts from a Bond Rookie

  7. [27:55] What’s in a Christmas Movie?/Honorable Mentions

  8. [34:35] Cody’s Favorite: The Muppet Christmas Carol

  9. [39:30] “When Love Is Gone”

  10. [50:01] Ben’s Favorite: The Holiday

  11. [56:01] Thoughts from a Nancy Meyers Rookie

  12. [64:38] Thoughts on Acid Reflux



Queeks 2019 Gaylist: Now on Spotify

Here’s a playlist to add to all of those year-end 2019 Wrapped mixes on Spotify: The Queeks 2019 Gaylist! It’s 100 of our favorite songs over the past year: 50% Cody, 50% Ben, 100% gay. Quite the eclectic mix, but very uniquely us. And while you’re there, hop over to the Queeks Podcast page to follow and listen to all our past episodes!


Check out the 2019 Gaylist here!

Derry Queeks – The Toys that Made Us / Derry Girls

Like every other kid on Earth, we loved toys growing up, so Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us was, well, made for us. The series covers the biggest toy franchises of the past 100 years, and to supplement we’ve provided insight on a few of our own favorite toys. Then, we take a wee trip over to Derry, Northern Ireland and watch Derry Girls, a comedy about high school girls growing up in The Troubles.

Our website is live! Check us out at www.queekspodcast.com and share the beautiful site with all your friends and loved ones!


  1. [00:00] Intro to The Toys That Made Us

  2. [09:24] G.I. Joe & Barbie Adventures

  3. [11:32] TurtleMania 

  4. [17:49] Go Go Power Rangers

  5. [27:09] A Little My Little Pony 

  6. [29:02] Professional Wrestling is the Gayest

  7. [34:13] The Toys That Made Ben

  8. [39:25] Intro to Derry Girls

  9. [43:25] The (Teenage) Troubles

  10. [52:05] The ‘90s and Queerness in Derry Girls

  11. [59:52] Dairy Queeks



A Very English Episode – The Crown / A Very English Scandal

Join us across the pond for a very English episode! We start off chatting about the Netflix phenomenon The Crown, comparing the new cast to their predecessors, discussing the historical accuracy, and trying to figure out why Americans love the Royal Family so much. Then, still in the UK, we review A Very English Scandal, the limited series by BBC and Amazon that takes a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the Thorpe Affair, a gay sex scandal that rocked the island in the 70’s. If you’re an Anglophile or otherwise a fan of what we’ve been doing, please leave Queeks a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever else permits podcast reviews! Tata and farewell.


  1. [00:00] Intro to The Crown

  2. [10:21] New Season, New Cast

  3. [16:30] Tobias Menzies’ Depth & Olivia Colman’s Restraint

  4. [20:50] The Burden of Royalty

  5. [23:00] Historical Accuracy: Peter Townsend & Edward VIII

  6. [27:31] American Royal Watching

  7. [32:12] A Very English Scandal

  8. [36:36] The Thorpe Affair

  9. [44:08] 18 Years in 3 Episodes

  10. [47:38] Expressive Suppression in Gay Britons

  11. [53:07] Is A Very English Scandal Too Comedic

  12. [61:02] A Very English Crossover Event



Mini Queek – Interview with Daniel Errico, creator of The Bravest Knight

Earlier this year we discussed Hulu’s LGBTQ-inclusive kids show The Bravest Knight, written and created by Daniel Errico. We were thrilled when Daniel then reached out to tell us that he heard the episode, and we jumped at the opportunity to chat with him! For more on Daniel and a free collection of his awesome stories, visit his site at http://www.freechildrenstories.com