Halloween Queektacular – A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 / Thir13en Ghosts & The Thing

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge is considered by some to be the gayest horror movie ever made, and some are pretty spot on. The movie treats us to a menagerie of homoerotic imagery, and delves into psychological horror when it comes to tormenting its star. Then we shift gears and watch each other’s favorite horror movies, Thir13en Ghosts (Ben’s pick) and The Thing (Cody’s pick).


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  1. [00:00] Intro to A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

  2. [06:07] The Gayest Horror Movie Ever Made?

  3. [10:58] Mark Patton’s Nightmare

  4. [19:02] Queer Film Revisionism

  5. [23:53] Who’s Afraid of Fred Kruger?

  6. [31:39] Our Favorite Horror Movies

  7. [33:00] Ben’s Pick: Thir13en Ghosts

  8. [48:35] Cody’s Pick: The Thing



The Gayest Doctor – Doctor Who: City of Death / The Bravest Knight

With a back-catalogue spanning more than half a century, and 14 actors playing the same character, there’s a lot to cover when it comes to Doctor Who. This week we discuss 1979’s City of Death, a series of episodes from the tenure of the beloved Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.


Back in the present, we watch The Bravest Knight, an animated kids show on Hulu about a knight in training and her gay dads. We also cover the predictably vocal opposition the show received for depicting same sex couples in a positive light.


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  1. [00:00] Intro to Doctor Who

  2. [05:53] Who is The Doctor?

  3. [11:03] “Change, My Dear, and Not a Moment Too Soon”

  4. [16:09] Intro to City of Death

  5. [20:31] Time Lords in Paris

  6. [24:47] Then & Now: Reception to City of Death

  7. [30:49] Tom Baker, Douglas Adams, Romana, and “the Daddies”

  8. [37:54] Intro to The Bravest Knight

  9. [44:44] Arthur vs. Alabama: Should We Respond to Homophobic Criticism?

  10. [50:00] “The LGBTQ Agenda in Kids’ Programming”

  11. [58:34] Do We Need The Bravest Knight? (Of Course We Do)



The Joker and The Judy – Joker / Judy

Controversial. Ultra-violent. At risk of inciting incels. We’re talking of course about Judy, the Judy Garland biopic. Kidding, it’s Joker! We give our thoughts on the DC villain’s first solo film and Joaquin Phoenix’s stellar performance. Then we actually talk about Judy, starring a career-best Renée Zellweger as the troubled star.


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  1. [00:00] Intro to Joker

  2. [04:52] The Hype/Hysteria

  3. [07:52] The History of The Joker

  4. [14:06] Martin Scorcese, Todd Phillips, and Incels

  5. [19:26] Race and Class in Gotham

  6. [23:02] The Performance, the Script, and the Score

  7. [28:25] Oscar Potential/Should You Watch Joker?

  8. [34:33] Intro to Judy

  9. [38:30] The Effects of the Star System

  10. [43:26] Renée Zellweger’s Knockout Performance

  11. [51:45] Is Judy a Best Picture Contender?

  12. [53:54] Friends of Dorothy

  13. [59:50] Judy vs. Joker



Mini Queek – Chuck E. Queek

Being a geek means being obsessed with things, even if those things are obscure, absurd, or downright abominable. In this miniqueek we dive deep into the unexpectedly extensive world of Chuck E. Cheese lore, talking through the chain’s history, the strange fate of its oldest animatronics, and which members of Munch’s Make Believe Band we ship. If you like this particular brand of insanity, let us know in an Apple Podcasts review!

Aquaqueek – Aquaman / Wig

We swore we’d get around to watching Aquaman eventually, and now we’re making good on that. Then, continuing in this fishy theme, we close out the episode by discussing the new documentary Wig, covering the history of New York’s influential Wigstock festival.


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  1. [00:00] A Little Programming Note

  2. [01:36] Aquaman in the DCEU

  3. [04:04] Our Relationship to the DCEU

  4. [08:38] Intro to Aquaman

  5. [14:55] Lead-Up and Reception

  6. [18:47] The Issue of Exposition

  7. [22:11] The Spider-Man 3 Problem: Too Many Villains?

  8. [26:14] Visually It Was Beautiful, But Also…

  9. [32:26] The Trench and Aquaman 2

  10. [34:55] Intro to Wig

  11. [37:12] The History of Wigstock

  12. [41:34] Rudy Giuliani and Rain: Too Many Villains?

  13. [44:45] “The Post-Drag Race World”

  14. [51:57] Is Drag Dead?

  15. [61:02] Maybe the Official Wigstock Descriptions



The Queek Crystal – Dark Crystal/Rent

In a time when everything is being rebooted, it’s easy to feel cynical about a Netflix series based on a cult classic puppet masterpiece like The Dark Crystal. But damn if they didn’t totally nail it! We give our thoughts on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, gape at the technological advancements since the original, and are star-struck by the totally stacked cast.


In the second half of the episode, we totally switch gears and watch the film version of the musical Rent. One of us had seen it many times and loves it, one of us had never seen it before and has a few thoughts. Tune in to find out who, and be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts!


  1. [00:00] Intro to The Dark Crystal

  2. [07:38] Intro to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

  3. [11:25] The World of Thra

  4. [18:42] Game of Thrones with Puppets?

  5. [22:17] Simon Pegg as Barry Dennen as Frank Oz as The Chamberlain

  6. [25:55] Old School and New Age VFX

  7. [29:13] Names and Races and Dreamfasting: Keeping it Straight

  8. [34:47] Intro to Rent

  9. [40:39] Representation: Broadway and Hollywood

  10. [44:16] Sung-Throughs and Rock Musicals

  11. [49:20] Rent vs. Rent: Musical vs. Movie

  12. [55:47] Movie Musicals, Stage to Screen

  13. [58:40] Rent: Live and Live TV Musicals



71st Primetime Queeks Emmy Wrap-Up

The purple carpet may be rolled up in storage until next year, but the Queeks are still here to talk about the Emmys! This week we take a look at the winners, the losers, the fashion, and the questionable decisions made in the 2019 Emmy Awards. Did Game of Thrones deserve to win? Was Veep robbed? Will Jenny McCarthy ever do something not-terrible? 


For our full coverage of the big night, check out our Instagram (@queekspodcast), where you’ll also find some reference photos for the best and worst dressed. Please note we are not fashion experts (or even slightly competent in the subject) so take it with a grain of salt.


  1. [00:00] The Emmys, Brought to You by The Masked Singer

  2. [04:53] Worst Dressed

  3. [10:28] Best Dressed

  4. [24:01] Outstanding Comedy

  5. [26:45] Lead Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  6. [31:07] Supporting Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  7. [35:39] Outstanding Drama

  8. [37:47] Lead Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  9. [40:50] Supporting Actor/Actress in a Comedy

  10. [43:26] Outstanding Variety Sketch Series/Talk Series

  11. [47:46] Outstanding Limited Series/Competition Series

  12. [51:15] Highlights: Busy Phillips, Thomas Lennon, and Bob Newhart

  13. [56:16] Flubs: Jenny McCarthy, The Masked Singer, and the Not Dead Leonard Slatkin

  14. [61:07] Emmy Ballot Contest Results



71st Primetime Queeks Emmy Pre-Show

It’s the (second) biggest night in Hollywood, and the Queeks are stoked! This week, we run through the nominees and give our official predictions for the Emmy Awards, broadcasting Sunday, September 22. If you’re betting on winners, we think you’ll want to hear our predictions first.


  1. [00:00] Intro to the Emmys

  2. [05:20] Outstanding Comedy

  3. [15:06] Lead Actor in a Comedy

  4. [18:28] Lead Actress in a Comedy

  5. [23:46] Supporting Actor in a Comedy

  6. [27:51] Supporting Actress in a Comedy

  7. [34:40] Outstanding Drama

  8. [47:06] Lead Actor in a Drama

  9. [50:51] Lead Actress in a Drama

  10. [57:42] Supporting Actor in a Drama

  11. [60:50] Supporting Actress in a Drama



The Spider-Man Spectacular – Song of Spider-Man / Turn Off the Dark

Spideyfreude (noun): enjoyment obtained from the troubles of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. 


According to the musical’s co-writer, Glen Berger, this is what drove audiences to see his show. It’s also what drove us to read his book Song of Spider-Man, and then watch a bootleg recording of the musical. Join us as we (attempt to) turn off the snark with the help of our extra special guest, Lucy Mueller!


  1. [00:00] A Book About A Musical (Song of Spider-Man)

  2. [03:06] Glen Berger, Playwright/Author/Unreliable Narrator

  3. [05:30] The One With Glen & Julie’s Ross and Rachel Thing

  4. [07:00] What Could Go Wrong?

  5. [08:53] Technical and Narrative Difficulties

  6. [13:21] Julie Taymor Is Arachne

  7. [16:54] Plan X

  8. [19:00] Revisions and What We’ll Watch

  9. [25:46] Preparing Ourselves To Watch

  10. [28:28] We Watched Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

  11. [31:32] Characters, Costumes, and A Merciful Murder

  12. [35:45] Script, Sets, and Slow Pacing

  13. [38:53] Despite Wires, Some Cool Scenes

  14. [42:19] The Chase Brock Experience

  15. [44:06] The Green Goblin & The Sinister Six

  16. [49:12] J. Jonah Jameson & Odd Choices

  17. [53:15] A Disappointing Score by Bono and The Edge

  18. [56:20] Postscript and The Show’s Ending 

  19. [61:23] Final Thoughts



Agents of Q.U.E.E.K. – Agents of SHIELD / Love, Simon

After 6 seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. somehow continues to raise the stakes, and the Queeks are HERE for it. Cody and Ben discuss the latest season of the MCU’s longest running show, before switching gears and discussing the gay teen rom-com Love, Simon.


  1. [00:00] Intro to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  2. [04:18] Meet the Team

  3. [07:33] The Story So Far (Kind Of)

  4. [10:39] Raising the Stakes/Revisiting the Past

  5. [16:51] Agent Faux Coulson, AKA Sarge

  6. [25:47] Season 7: Rise of the Machines

  7. [31:33] Intro to Love, Simon

  8. [35:34] Teen Dialogue and Gay Stories for Straight Audiences

  9. [40:13] Martin the Douche: Villain or Comic Relief?

  10. [43:36] Rom Com Movie Tropes

  11. [46:40] Gay Confusion & Bi Visibility

  12. [51:22] Accurate Depictions of the Gay Experience

  13. [54:30] The Sister, The Best Friend, The Teacher, & The Out Kid

  14. [61:04] Love, Simon & Call Me By Your Name::Apricots & Oranges